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desire-of-ages-case_1How often have you heard someone sigh, “Oh for the good old days when things didn’t cost so much!”? GREAT NEWS!!!! Sharing the gospel today is even more affordable than ever before. Here’s proof.

Recently, I came across the July 14, 1958 issue of the Atlantic Union Gleaner and saw an article on the front page that caught my attention. The title was “The Dollar Missionary Book.” The article stated, “The “dollar missionary book program is a part of God’s great plan for getting our literature to the people.” Then it listed a number of books priced at just $1 each—along with this note:“No one who handles these books will make any profit on them.” These special books and the dollar price were designed for missionary endeavors only.

One of the books listed in the article as costing just $1 was The Desire of Ages. That was 56 years ago! I quickly checked an online inflation calculator and found that if the price of that $1 copy of The Desire of Ages had just stayed even with inflation since 1956, the comparable cost today would be $7.95.

Now for the GREAT NEWS! Today, in 2014, the full-text, sharing, ASI edition of The Desire of Ages costs only $1.95 each when purchased in a case of 40. AND the shipping for full cases is FREE within the U.S.! If $1 was a GREAT deal in 1958, today’s price of $1.95 with free shipping is an even better deal! Truly, sharing the gospel today is even more affordable than it was 56 years ago!

Another way to put it—in 1958 a loaf of bread cost $.19. Today, depending on the type of bread, more than $2 a loaf. So, today a sharing book is equivalent to the price of a loaf of bread. In 1958, the same book would have been the equivalent of 5 loaves of bread! Let’s share the bread of life with others.

That 1958 article went on to say: “Here is a good investment, a sure investment. Here is one of the greatest bargains we have ever offered in a worthwhile, message book. If you get a thrill from getting a bargain, here is a chance to get a real thrill. Here is a chance to invest in the souls of men and women, the only coin which will be current in heaven.”

Tell the World About Jesus” is an opportunity to give people the story of Christ by sharing a copy of The Desire of Ages. You can do this in conjunction with all the forms of outreach that you and your church are already involved with—

  • Give a copy to all those who come to community services for assistance.
  • Share copies door-to-door.
  • Make copies available to attendees at all outreach programs run by the church.

The ASI sharing edition of The Desire of Ages is available at special pricing, making it easy for you to use them in quantity. The price is less than $2 per book when purchased in cases of 40—and FREE shipping within the US!

Available through your ABC

Call: 1-800-765-6955 or order online:

English: CLICK HERE!

Spanish: CLICK HERE!

“God would be pleased to see The Desire of Ages in every home. In this book is contained the light He has given upon His word.” (Letter 75, 1900).

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