Why Not Try This? – 5 Web Tools Your Church Needs

by Chip Dizzard
Source: NAD Ministerialchip dizzard

Churches are FINALLY beginning to recognize the power of the Internet for their ministry. What was once just a matter of trying to engage well with your community and invite people to a church event has now been completely revolutionized. Churches are now doing online marketing, digital evangelism and discipleship, and connecting regularly with people through emails, social media, and your blog.

Of course, if you are not new to church technology, this is no surprise. The issue is more about how to do this well.

One of the most difficult parts about church technology is not maintaining what you already have, but coming up with new things for your church to implement, and getting everyone on board. Every item I list is something that you can do to get your church on its way to making a bigger online impact.  Read More

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