Changed Lives – Burned-Out from Church

179318669We preach all these sermons, and we hope that we are reaching the “lost”. It is a joy to see people hear the gospel truth for the first time. When you see the twinkle in someone’s eye, as comprehension begins is a wonderful thing. We reach out to those outside the church, but we must not forget those who are in the church.

This one person had left the Adventist church many years ago. She was burned-out from the church and didn’t know if she would ever come back. God works in miraculous ways. She found a new faith, and a “new” church. Coming back to church is not such an easy thing. There are past fears and doubts. When a church surrounds people with love, then it makes coming back, that much easier. Coming back to church is the first step, but when they take the next step to be part of the body again, what a joy it is. Now she has found a church she wants to be a part of. Every meeting she came to reinforced to her, that it was time to come back and be part of God’s end time church again.

“Why should I wait any longer?”

There are many that need to hear the truth, but sometimes it is the people coming to our church that needs it just as much.


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