Changed Lives – Not Without Me!

Ed and Dettie Swaim with Pastor Chester Schurchby Chester Schurch, Pastor of the Canyonville/Myrtle Creek Seventh-day Adventist Churches

Sabbath, July 12, 2014, was a special day of celebration in the Canyonville SDA church as Pastor Chester Schurch baptized two new members, Ed and Dettie Swaim. God’s hand could be clearly seen as He guided Ed and Dettie into the waters of baptism.

Ten years ago, Ed Swaim worked with Kelly Kolstad the head elder of the Canyonville SDA church. As their friendship grew, Kelly would invite Ed and Dettie to some of the programs held at the Canyonville church. Early this spring, when Pastor and Cindy Schurch conducted an Unsealing Daniel’s Mysteries Seminar at the Myrtle Creek SDA church, Kelly invited Ed and Dettie to attend. Dettie responded enthusiastically, and later as Dettie shared with Ed what she was learning, he came too. At the conclusion of the Daniel Seminar, Kelly and his wife Melody continued to have Bible studies with Ed and Dettie.

It wasn’t long before Dettie declared that she knew that the Adventist church was preaching the truth, and that she wanted to be baptized. Her baptismal date was set, but Ed was still undecided. No one but Ed knew that he still had some liquor bottles hidden in a closet. The week before Dettie’s baptism, Ed felt impressed by the Holy Spirit to get rid of the liquor.

Each Wednesday evening Dettie would faithfully attend Prayer Meetings conducted by Pastor Chester & Cindy Schurch. One Wednesday evening, when Dettie came home from prayer meeting she declared to Ed, “I’m going to get baptized this Sabbath!” Imagine her surprise and joy when Ed replied, “Not without me!”

What a blessing it was to see such a clear example of friendship evangelism as these two members were welcomed into the Canyonville Seventh-day Adventist Church family!

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