Momentum – Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus

450747073by Aaron Payne, pastor of the Palmer Seventh-day Adventist Church

We held an 18 night series, “Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus.” The series was very much enjoyed by all who attended. The way we planned it was to offer a simple meal each night at 6:15pm. At 7:00pm we moved from the fellowship hall to the church sanctuary for welcome and announcements. I told everyone that if they came to at least 14 out of 185 nights, the would receive a new study Bible. we had ordered the new Andrew’s Study Bible, evangelism series edition, to give away. This offer really caught people’s attention and helped hold the crowd night after night. Tony Moore’s presentations were 30 minutes each night. After each episode I would lead a Bible study on some topic that he had touched on. For example, I would have Bible studies on responding to the call of God, discipleship, forgiveness, reconciliation with God, cleansing your temple, 2nd coming, state of the dead, etc. I was careful to make sure the Bible study ended by 8:00 each night. The series goes for 28 nights but we decided to only do the first 18 on a Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun schedule. We will do the remaining 10 nights on consecutive Wednesday nights.

I was very pleased with our turnout from both our church family and community. We averaged between 100-125 per night. Some of the visitors who came said they had not been in any church in years. Many of the came every single night. We also had many come from other churches in our community and they loved it. It was a refreshing, educational, and growing time for all of us.

At this point, we do not have any baptisms, but I have no doubt there will be some in the future. Since we have a 10 week follow-up to the series, I have not pushed baptism yet.



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