Changed Lives – Physical and Spiritual Needs

by Alejandro Delgado, Pastor of the Hillsboro Spanish Churchhillsboro

Some time ago a family arrived to our church from Mexico. They had many problems and needed help for food and rent. Our office started to move so they could receive food from the Food Bank and also financial help with the rent. Since that day we began to establish a great friendship with him and his beautiful family.

At the Hillsboro Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church, we have initiated an aggressive program that is giving small groups great results.We talked to them about the possibility of joining a small group to study the Bible and they agreed.

After attending for about three months, I met with them asked them if they would make a commitment to Jesus. This family decided to give their lives to Jesus that day! That Saturday was a spiritual feast for all who met in that group. They gave thanks that God used the group leader as an the instrument to help bring the family to Christ.

At the same time, we had 4 youth fighting to know the gospel. We started to visit with the young of the church and invited them to youth events and youth services. We began to study the Bible with the boys and a few weeks after they also decided to give their lives to Christ.

Today, a few months after, they are attending regularly, coming to all the programs and happily participating in church activities. Now the oldest daughter is a leader and coordinator of her own a small  groups.  Their prayer is to see their grandfather and aunt baptized and accepting of the gospel.

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