Parenting Corner – 9 Things We Should Get Rid of to Help Our Kids

Making the most of a beautiful dayI don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed lately a spoiled generation of children who feel entitled to the things they have. They get everything handed to them and aren’t expected to work for anything. Now, it’s only natural to want to give your children the things you never had as a child, but can it go too far? “Because reality is, life doesn’t give us everything we want. We don’t always get the best jobs or a job at all. We don’t always have someone rescue us when we have a bad day or replace our boss just because we don’t like them. We can’t always have what we want when we want it. We aren’t always rewarded in life.” So, what can we, as parents, do about it? Read a few great ideas here in 9 Things We Should Get Rid of to Help Our Kids.

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