Momentum – It’s Time to Revive

samual 1by: Samuel Castro Martinez, pastor of the Kelso-Longview Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church

Recently, the Hispanic Church in Kelso-Longview, WA. held a series of evangelistic meetings with the purpose to seek spiritual motivation. The week of evangelistic meetings was held with the sole purpose to establish a foundation of what our roadmap will be for the next several months.

These meetings were held in June, but for these meetings to take place we had a “preparation period” which included worships and meetings that made our event result in a tremendous blessing. This samual 3“preparation period” began about three weeks prior to the event with our Kelso Spanish members who met in 6 different locations in order to plan and get ready.

Thanks to our God, we had a good attendance with an average of 35-40 people per night, including children. Children were cared for by church leaders from Kelso-Longview and Woodland Spanish Churches. In total for children and music praises we had 16 volunteers.samual 4

“It’s Time to Revive” A call to members and their guests to reflect on the time we live…Christ is coming soon!

For the Spanish Church in Kelso-Longview, this was an opportunity to renew our vows with the Lord, since at the end of the campaign we celebrated a Communion Service and Lord’s Supper. For our closing on Sabbath, we had a beautiful feast and ended with two baptisms for the glory of God.

We praise the Lord for his blessings as this evangelistic effort in samual 5our church concluded. Our church in Kelso is happy and thankful to God for these memorable moments.


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