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untitledLearn how to address the needs and utilize a powerful force and large percentage in the church – that of the Adventist single adult. The Adventist Single Adult Ministries Training Program is for church leaders who want to learn how to organize and manage a successful single adult ministry. There is an increasing number of singles in our church, young and old, divorced, widowed, and never married. Their needs are different from the married and family groups. MORE

load the arkWith more families getting iPads and tablets for their kids to play with, parents are looking for games and apps for their kids. A group of young Adventist professionals have taken on that challenge and are developing a new game, titled “Load the Ark.” Based on the classic story of Noah, players are challenged to get all the animals on the ark with their matching pair. “We believe games should be simple enough for the kids to pick up and play, but also deep and challenging enough to keep adults engaged,” says Andrei Melniciuc, co-founder of 2CRE8, the game’s developer. To learn more about the game’s development and the team behind it, visit

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