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Dear Ask a Seasoned Pastor: Some of my members have discovered the fact that most of the time I re-preach the sermons of other great preachers. I find that most of the congregation is being fed by these outstanding sermons. However they think that the sermons I preach should be my own creation. What do you think?

Borrow, Don’t Steal
Preparing sermons for years on end can sometimes be challenging and we all can use a little “help” every now and then. Sometimes the revelations shared in a sermon from another pastor can be an exciting diving board for me to plunge in and research for deeper content. In that regard, pastors can share and help each other. However, I would be concerned about simply repeating someone else’s content – word by word, line by line. Why? That could be an indication of laziness – taking the easy route rather than taking the time to seek “fresh manna” for myself. Sermonic regurgitation also blocks the Holy Spirit’s intentional message directed towards the specific needs of the congregation. The doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction that is needed in one congregation may not be what’s needed by another. One size sermons don’t necessarily fit all! Let’s embrace the creativity of the Spirit and take the time to listen to His unique messages for His unique churches.

Brenda Billingy is senior pastor of the Metropolitan Church in Hyattsville, Maryland and an associate director of NAD Ministerial

A Matter of Integrity
I see three problems with preaching the sermons of other preachers, even if they are outstanding. First is a problem of integrity. It is wrong to pass off the work of someone else as my own. Even though most sermons are not copyrighted, the same principle applies. It is a kind of theft to take someone’s work and present it as if it were mine. Of course, this problem is solved if Continue Reading…

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