Changed Lives – Selah and 3ABN

untitledHarold and Donna had been out of the church for 24 years. They had started watching 3ABN and began observing the Sabbath at home. Upon receiving an invitation for Unlocking Prophecy series, they attended every night of the evangelistic meetings. Harold’s mother, Vera Coleman, sister Cheri, and other family members prayed for them for years. At the end of the meetings, they joyfully re-dedicated their lives to Jesus in baptism. Donna, who loves her piano and organ, had not played for 20 years. Now she is helping with the music for Sabbath services! This is an answer to prayer for our church pianist!

Kenny and Tina Smith watched 3ABN for quite some time. Then a colporteur came to their door and sold them the book “The Great Controversy”. Soon they began regularly attending the Fairview SDA church. When the meetings began in Selah Seventh-day Adventist Church, they attended every night and made a decision for Jesus. Kenny was baptized and continues to enjoy learning God’s word.

Cassie had a background in the Mormon faith. Night by night, both Cassie and her mother Cynthia accepted Bible truth. They too chose to join God’s remnant church. Now they are a beautiful addition to the Selah church family.

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