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walla-walla-university-Willy-Logan-WikiAs you can imagine, the Walla Walla University Church is very active in young adult ministry with Pastor Troy Fitzgerald leading the charge. Below are two stories of what is happening in the lives of two students.

Megan is in the middle of a year of teaching service at the Delap Seventh-day Adventist School in Majuro next year. She first sensed a desire to make the choice to become a follower of Christ while in school at Rogers Elementary. Over the years the seeds of calling stirred in her throughout high school. After her first year at Walla Walla University, Megan made the decision to become a student missionary and chose to fully dedicate her life to God in baptism. Megan is a bright compassionate person who truly loves God with her heart and her life. There is no doubt she will shine bright in her service for Christ in the coming year.

Josiah is a young man who thrives on discovery and loves to master whatever he sets his hands to. He loves to play soccer, so he does not get to use his hands as much but he is a passionate believer in Christ He made the decision to follow Jesus in baptism and began the process of learning what it means to be a disciple. As an ardent student of God’s word he has demonstrated the gift of teaching and the boldness of the prophets of old. I fully expect to see Josiah preaching the gospel to thousands of people around the world in the very near future.

Praise God for His good and enduring work!

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