Lifelong Learning – Good Touch, Bad Secrets

good touch, bad secretsHow do you respond if a child confides that they have been molested? The response of a caregiver can make all the difference in a child’s life. Is there any way to prevent sexual molestation?  How can we prevent molestation? The highest percentage of molestation is done by children to other children. How can you prevent your child from either being molested or becoming a molester in an age of easy pornography access online and all the various types of media now so readily accessible? Have you learned who and where the perpetrators of sexual molestation are in your neighborhood?  How do you talk to your child about appropriate dress and healthy relationships without introducing shame and fear into their attitude? How much and what kind of talk is too much? Do you know the communication rules for communicating with your child? What is age appropriate information for them?  Watch the video

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