Health & Temperance – A New Approach for Stop Smoking Program

healthA new initiative updates the Adventist approach for stop-smoking programs. The new Breathe-Free 2 program bases its hopes for success on a combination of scientific research, an open-source website, and the personal relationships that participants develop as they take the course. Daniel Handysides, Loma Linda University associate professor of health and program developer (pictured here), introduced the new initiative to more than 1,100 Adventist leaders and health professionals at last week’s Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle in Geneva, Switzerland. Organized by the world church’s health ministries department, the conference’s ultimate goal is to inspire community health centers with programs offering a blend of physical and spiritual wellness in every Adventist church. Will 100 percent of Americans be obese soon? Does exercise cause you go bald? Read 6.5 unusual and perhaps surprising facts learned at the event. (photo credit: Ansel Oliver/Adventist News Network)

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