Changed Lives – Lisa’s Healing

iStock_000053677580_LargeBy Samuel Tahay, Pastor of the Tualatin Spanish Church

Lisa is a 14 year-old girl, whose parents are Jehovah Witnesses. Lisa loved watching terror and suspense movies, especially spiritualism movies, until her moods started changing. Every day it became worse. Her parents were very worried about her health, so they took her to a doctor. The doctor’s diagnosis was depression and he prescribed her some treatments to control it, only the treatments didn’t work. Every day she continued her downhill spiral until her doctor sent her to the hospital. She was hospitalized for two weeks, but didn’t improve so they transferred her to a mental health hospital.

It was then that Lisa’s parents met our head elder. He offered to take some members of our church to visit her in the hospital. On that visit, they prayed for God to heal her and promised to continue to pray in the days to come. The very next day, the doctor did some tests on her and her parents were told that there was no explanation for it, but Lisa was healed and she didn’t need to stay in the hospital!

Soon after, Lisa received an invitation and handout for our evangelistic campaign. She attended early every night and said to me, “I am enjoying God’s message.” To my surprise, the next Thursday when I made a call for baptism, she was the first person to respond. I was afraid that her parents would be opposed so we prayed for her.

The last Friday, one day before the baptism, we started the meeting and Lisa didn’t come early as usual. Fifteen minutes after I started preaching, a new woman who hadn’t been attending the meetings, entered the church, followed by Lisa. She was Lisa’s mother. After my sermon, the woman came to me to say thank you for the message, and that she supported Lisa’s resolution. Lisa was baptized that Sabbath morning. God healed her mind and her soul!

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