Momentum – Ownership

By David PaczkaiStock_000044493998_Medium The Gresham Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church is an amazing church, full of energy. Maybe this is because their pastor is full of energy. In my opinion, Gresham Spanish is the perfect model that represents the mission statement of the Oregon Conference: “Members in Ministry….powered to serve”.

March was a huge month for Gresham Spanish Church. After several years praying and saving, finally the Lord gave them the whole property in which it is located; the gym they were renting for many years. This is what made the evangelistic meeting different. It was the first meeting as owners of the building, the sense of ownership was everywhere. The visitors enjoyed a better place to attend and hear the message of the Word.

The result; 15 people baptized and many more will come. The community was impacted by the extraordinary job of the leadership team lead by Pastor Enoc Marquez. The children’s program hosted an average of 60 little ones every night. The after meeting social space for visitors and members was the perfect place to share Latin food and build connections.

Thanks to the Lord because He provided a better facility in which the Hispanic Adventist members will serve and bless a huge community hungry for God’s Love.

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