Changed Lives – Being of One Accord

IMG_0505 The greatest manifestation of God’s power on this earth is the unity of His people. When you think about the emotional obstacles and man made barriers that so often separate us from the unity that should exist in the church of God, this stands above them all.

God’s power was evident when Wenatchee and the Valley View Church united together in a soul winning effort to bring the Gospel to the greater Wenatchee area. Starting in the local Red Lion Hotel, 50 visitors from the community filled the limited space with an eager desire to understand Revelation’s prophecies from NPUC evangelist Jason Morgan.

Katy and Bill attended nightly, excited to finally understand that the gospel could be understood through the symbols of Revelation! After the first week in the hotel, the series transitioned to the Valley View SDA church in East Wenatchee. Katy and Bill were pleasantly surprised to learn that they lived right next door to the church! Katy finished the series and was glad to be baptized and join her new church family!

DSC_0550Jesus and Heather received the flyer in the mail and felt compelled to attend opening night. The life changing truths of God’s Word brought them back night after night! Being raised Catholic, the Three Angels Message brought satisfying answers to questions they have been wondering about for a long time! Having a beautiful daughter together, Jesus and Heather decided to get married at the conclusion of the evangelistic series before going into the waters of baptism together!

Many more life changing stories could be told as a result of this effort. At the conclusion of the series 11 people were baptized with several others in preparation for baptism.

The early Apostolic church is a testimony of what God can do for His people when they are in unity. “Being of one accord” is the condition that brings the blessings of God to finish the work He has entrusted to us. When we are willing to answer the prayer of Christ that we may be one as He and His Father are one, great things await God’s remnant church!

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