Momentum – “Transformed by His Spirit” Campaign


by Samuel Castro, Pastor of Vancouver, Woodland, and Kelso-Longview Hispanic Seventh-day Adventist Churches

I would like to share with you the latest Hispanic news from the northern part of Oregon Conference in Vancouver WA, where I have the privilege of working.

Since last year, in our Vancouver Spanish church we planned for 2015 to become a year of Evangelism. And so it has been. The planning took time, but eventually each board received a folder with all programming in which everyone would work in the same direction under the same slogan “Transformed by His Spirit.” This plan consists of conducting four major evangelism campaigns. In January, we began with an “Evangelism Planting Campaign”, which I had the privilege to give. For April, we had our second major campaign now a “Harvest Evangelism” by Adly Campos.

For September, we are planning our biggest “Evangelism Campaign” by Ramon Canals, and finally, in November, an evangelism speaker from Colombia will close our year’s activities regarding evangelism. We also plan celebrating a “Children’s Evangelism Week”, and a “Week of Youth Evangelism”.

In addition we plan to have numerous activities throughout the year. Our church members have taken up the challenge and it has helped them to be active and to remain faithful.

Like I mentioned, I had the privilege to launch this aggressive evangelism program, with a series of doctrinal seminars for the church and community, strengthening and sharing the faith. This was done on the days from January 20 to February 3, in which I had the opportunity to introduce 15 tracks of Bible study and as a result we obtained, not only people that began to study but where willing to keep learning, and also the church in general was reaffirmed on our doctrine.Pic-EvangVanc

Now, the first stage of our evangelism plan has just concluded in this month of April, with the evangelism campaign entitled “Transforming Families for Eternity”, inspired by the proposal of our Union and delivered by the international evangelist, Adly Campos. All this was put together under careful church preparation, fasting and prayer.

Thanks be to God through this effort. In the time period of January- April, 19 people have entered the Vancouver Spanish Church for the glory of God. Having on this last evangelism campaign more than 100 people who attended each night, from which more than 40 were visitors who attended regularly during the week and are now potential candidates to keep studying with them for a future baptism.

The plan “Transformed by his Spirit 2015” is to baptize at least 40 people this year at Vancouver, Spanish Church. We ask that you keep us in your prayers. May the Lord lead all his work, at the Vancouver- Woodland- Kelso- Longview District.

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