Why Not Try This? – Effective Preaching: Preparing Notes

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The mind has a way of forgetting things when you need them and recalling things at just the wrong moments, like forgetting your sermon flow and remembering that you’re scared of public speaking just when you step up to the pulpit. There is hope. It has much to do with prayer and something to do with making usable notes to take with you. Since you likely know about prayer, let’s address the issue of notes.

The term “usable notes” does not mean you will have them in the pulpit. It means organizing your thoughts for recall, so you have them in your head. Usable notes make it easier to internalize and recall your sermon. Ideally, you will depend on them to prepare but not necessarily to preach. They must be concise, so there is little to memorize, and hit just the main points.

Usable Notes Help You Preach Note-Free
You can practice the art of seeing the big stuff next time you watch a documentary or lengthy news report. As you watch, jot down the major movements of the story. With just the list you make, you can repeat what matters to the storyline, either in detail or in summary. Try it. It works. With the same tactic, you can preach your sermon without notes. That is how usable notes work.

1. Preaching Note Free is Easy—Preaching without notes takes method, not genius. Prepare your Continue Reading…

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