Why Not Try This? – Think Outside the Bowl

Hands held together recieving communion at a modern church

by Jason Decena
Source: NAD Ministerial

I love Communion.  The ritual that Jesus passed down to us is pregnant with symbolism, and immerses us in an encounter that engages us through every sense: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.  This event has the potential to really take us deeper in our personal encounter with Jesus as well as bind a community together.  There is a perennial problem in most churches regarding communion, though: most of our church members avoid it if they can help it.

There is an unfortunate assumption in many churches that attendance will drop on Communion Sabbath and depending on how the service is structured, you can accurately predict when the mass-exodus will occur.  It seems to hinge around the feetwashing aspect (At New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church, my current church, we refer to the Ordinance of Humility as “feetwashing” rather than “footwashing.”  Last time I checked, both feet get treated equally, so it makes sense to me, even though it rolls off the tongue differently).  When people are dismissed to participate they must suffer from temporary amnesia, because they never turn into the feetwashing room, but head straight out to their cars.

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