Changed Lives – Crying Out to God

by Steve Rogers, Pastor of the Orofino Seventh-day Adventist Church

It seems that people today are more Biblically illiterate than at any previous time, many don’t have a clue about Bible, let-alone prophecy. Consequently, when we advertise our meetings from the platform of prophecy, we are drawing fewer and fewer people. My wife and I therefore felt impressed by God to package our series around our personal testimonies, largely using my wife’s story of growing up in the home of a witch, as a platform from which to draw the messages. It seemed to be a fresh, new and relevant approach that had a positive impact on the people and drew a good crowd. There were 12 requests for baptism of which 5 were baptized, two of which share their stories below:

Bill Antrim:

“Born in Nampa Idaho, the first of three siblings, and raised on a farm. Helping my dad on the farm, I learned to irrigate, grind grain, drive the tractor and hay. I fed 100+ chickens and a half a dozen hogs.

In my freshman year of high school I took up wrestling and took second in the state. I have worked in the woods and then as a machinist & later as a computer systems database administrator. I have a very logical mind and the statics of me finding Christ, or even being alive, were zero to none. Several things threatened to end my existence and consequently my journey to Christ.

I once received a lethal dose of radiation while working in a nuclear plant. – I rolled my convertible three times, during which it deposited me on the pavement sitting on the convertible top which tore off around me. I was then able to get back in and drive the remainder of the car home. – While working for White Salmon logging, I was hit in the head by the highline cable. It left a 1 3/8 groove in my hard hat, but I was able to walk off the job & to the hospital. – Then there’s the motorcycle and truck accidents, and the list goes on.

Statistically the odds were against me, but God has a way of beating the odds. Through a counselor, and later through my acquaintance with Andy and Jan Maes, John Ussher, family & others, God brought me to a spiritual awakening opening my eyes to Christ last March. Christ has given me miraculous deliverance and victory over the additions in my life. “I asked for help and He gave it.” I am forever thankful that God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost never gave up on me.”

Loren Dowd:

“I was born in Clarkston WA, the oldest of two siblings. My dad died when I was four years old and from then on my Granddad was my father figure. I was raised in and around church, but was never really born again.

But in 2002 my infant daughter was in serious condition at the hospital. It was at this time when I cried out to God: “I can’t do this – I need help” that God manifested Himself to me in a very real and powerful way. An amazing and un-explainable peace came over me, and I was convinced that there truly was a loving God. This is where my spiritual journey began that has led to this day.

As I studied my Bible God showed me truths like the Sabbath and the trinity. And yet, my journey with Christ was interrupted having fallen to the devil’s ways. But God has given me victory over drug, alcohol and tobacco additions. [PRAISE THE LORD] and I really want to be baptized and be a member of this church.”

Each of these individuals love the church and the church loves them, and decisions were made for eternity – Praise the Lord!

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