Why Not Try This? – Ten Bits of Practical Advice

iStock_000060813896_Mediumby Ty Gibson, Co-director of Light Bearers and pastor of Storyline Seventh-day Adventist Church

Ten bits of practical advice to amplify the effectiveness of your ministry:

  1. Select a set of mentors, whether you have personal contact with them or not, whether they know it or not. Find two or three preachers whose content and style you like, and listen to all their sermons. Their ideas and articulations will shape you into a better communicator. Find one person whose personality you find attractive, and learn by observing them. Find one person who relates to their family in a manner you respect, and implement what you see. Pay attention to the habits and attitudes of successful people.
  2. Find a research assistant or two—family or church members who are intelligent and voracious readers. Ask them to funnel any stories, facts, news pieces, bizarre items, scientific insights and whatever else that might be a creative means of communicating truth effectively.
  3. Preach to eyes, not to foreheads or to the wall behind them. See your people, and let them see interest, focus and compassion in your eyes.
  4. Have a Joseph-running-from-Potiphar’s-wife attitude regarding sexual sin. RUN!
  5. Be best friends with your spouse and learn how to have great sex, which is mutually satisfying sex.
  6. Write your way to an ever-increasing clarity of thought and expression. Become a habitual writer, not for publication, but as a discipline to sharpen your thinking.
  7. Become and remain an exercise animal. Breathe hard and sweat at least three days a week. Use the time for audio and video education. And don’t whine about it!
  8. In extreme stress, stop eating and don’t resume until you have read Steps To Christ cover to cover. All will be well.
  9. Get lost regularly in good music. Let the lyrics and melodies invoke ideas for messages. Let music calibrate and beautify your emotions. A steady inflow of music will increase your EQ.
  10. Communicate love and respect for every parishioner and they will follow your lead. Do not seek to manipulate, pressure or control anyone. You are not always right. Be quick to apologize. Grow up!

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