Momentum – New Perspective

iStock_000019398893_Largeby Ryan Whitehead, Pastor of the Willapa Harbor Seventh-day Adventist Church

Changing a mindset can sometimes be difficult. The view in which we see things is clouded or colored by what has happened to us in the past. This is what the Willapa Harbor SDA Church was experiencing leading into its April series.

Would anyone show up? Would it be worth the investment? Why are we doing this? Though these questions were actively spoken or discussed some shared that this was their default. Looking back you can feel like you have 20/20 vision. You are able to see things you didn’t potentially have in view before. This vision correction happened as the Willapa Harbor church family enjoyed fellowshipping and digesting the word of God as a church family and as a larger community in Raymond, WA.

The final result was decisions for baptism (4) and professions of faith (2). But more important than this was the revitalized members with new ‘glasses.’ New perspectives and attitudes take time. But this ‘vision correction’ has an overabundance of joy connected to it as one is able to see and experience things that previously were not possible to see.

The Willapa Harbor SDA Church pastor had probably the greatest personal experience with the power of God’s truth that he has ever had. The information wasn’t just information as he was sharing it. It became something that went deeper than the surface of his Christian experience. As he was preparing for these messages (16 presentations) God touched his heart like it hadn’t been touched before. Praise God for the privilege to preach, teach and learn the truths God so knows will change our lives for the better!


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