Changed Lives – Excited about Prophecy

iStock_000066163607_MediumPastor David Morgan shared 32 messages on prophecy during the Selah Seventh-day Adventist Church’s annual Evangelistic campaign that was conducted at the Selah Civic Center in downtown Selah, WA. This series began on April 16, 2015 and continued for 3 weeks at the rented hall and then continued at the church sanctuary for another 3 weeks until May 23.

Dave and Ruth Conner attended the series and were very excited about prophecy being fulfilled and the signs of Jesus’ return prominent in the news. They shared how they were blessed to learn more about Jesus and the Prophecies of the bible night after night. They had attended SDA churches before and they expressed that they were considering returning to the SDA church by attending these meetings.

Linda Dupuis attended most of the sessions of the series and was amazed at how she could now understand Bible prophecy and the writings of John in Revelation. She shared how her depression was gone and that she had peace and joy that she did not have before. Linda realized that these meetings have been a blessing to her by learning so much about Jesus and how He wants us to understand the Bible.

Mary Mozingo was amazed at how the Bible revealed what was happening around us in the news and that she could understand God’s plan for us in these last days.   Mary was not satisfied with her current church and its teachings because she could not get the answers that she wanted. One night as the topic of “The Antichrist Revealed” was presented, Mary was waiting in line behind several other guests to speak with Pastor David Morgan about the topic presented. Mary wanted to know who the Antichrist was. During the presentation, 16 characteristics were listed from the Bible and the audience was left to decide who they though fulfilled the prophecy. While Mary was in line just as she reached Pastor David, she realized who the Antichrist was and her face and expression showed it.   She was very surprised and grateful that she determined who it was and then expressed how she could see how the Bible was true.

During this series, the Selah church family was revived and excited about prophecy and the soon return of Jesus. The excitement and enthusiasm of the guests has help the members become more motivated to share the good news.

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