Momentum – More to This Life

iStock_000060372274_MediumThe Kennewick Seventh-day Adventist Church conducted a unique 11-part series, “More To This Life.” The series invited any who were restless and looking for something more in their current living to come and discover an abundantly satisfying life option. The host for the series, Pastor Greg Carter presented three core components each meeting which promote vibrant living: Connected Community, Optimal Health, and Authentic Spirituality.

Each meeting community and health leaders shared opportunities for maximizing volunteerism and practical health principles which promote overall wellbeing. Community leaders from Habitat for Humanity, Tri-City Pregnancy Network, Tri-City Food Bank, Kennewick Police Department, The American Red Cross, Ignite Youth Mentoring are some of the groups who spoke. Each night visitors were invited to experience the quality of life increase which comes from being a connected part of their community.

Each session we were also joined by doctors and other health care professionals who shared practical tips for optimum health. Sleep Medicine Specialists, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists, Christian Counselors and Family Care Physicians, shared up-to-date suggestions for improving overall mental and physical health.

After the health and community spotlights, Pastor Greg shared a message of hope, encouragement and exploration from the Bible. Topics such as, “The Remedy for Restless Living”, “Excuse Me, Is Anyone Out There?”, “Human Suffering: God on Trial”, and “Echoes of Eternity: The Quest for Eternal Life”, were presented.

Add to this, good free food, and it is easy to see why the meetings left a lasting impression on all and were thoroughly enjoyed! The church plans on holding its “2nd Annual: More to This Life” in the Fall of 2016.

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