Changed Lives – Remarried

12316130_10153679800789892_6381903189484645716_nby Roger Walter, Senior Pastor of the Adventist Community Church of Vancouver

Crystal and Ron were baptized during the Sabbath service on November 28, 2015. They were baptized as a result of coming to our Islam and Christianity Conference that just finished. Then at the end of my sermon, we remarried them. Yes, we did a wedding, right in the middle of church!

Ron and Crystal were first married in March of 2013. They had dated for about a year and a half before getting married. But they kept struggling with the issue of the Sabbath – one primary source of their problems. In August of this year, they divorced. I can’t imagine anything harder than divorcing my life partner.

Yet, in October, Ron invited Crystal to our conference and she came with him. She became convinced of what was going on in scripture and her life was changed. So was Ron’s.

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