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shadow empireI am thrilled that hundreds of churches across North America have already signed up to learn more about Shadow Empire. This four-part, seed-sowing experience promises to be an exceptional opportunity to invite people in your community to visit your church.

My highest priority in this phase of my ministry has nothing to do with making radio shows or TV specials. In recent years, I’ve come under the conviction that it shouldn’t be just a handful of media preachers who have all the nice toys. It’s not right—not when the local church is where all the action happens on the front lines of ministry.

So our team at the Voice of Prophecy is pouring everything we’ve got into producing new resources to help you maximize your ministry. We want to help you bring people from your community through the doors of your church. That’s why I’m inviting you to join us for Shadow Empire. Request your FREE event kit below, and learn more about the event at Together, you and I will be the new Voice of Prophecy.

Shawn Boonstra
Voice of Prophecy Speaker/Director

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