Why Not Try This? – Turning Sermons into Articles

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by Maylan Schurch, Pastor of the Bellevue Seventh-day Adventist Church
Source: www.nadministerial.org

You’ve just finished preaching, and as you’re shaking hands at the door, one of your members says, “Pastor, this morning’s message spoke to my heart. You should get it published.” Maybe I should, you think. But how would I go about it? Here are some suggestions:

Using the sermon’s ideas, start over from scratch. Unless you’re a very rare Morris Venden style of speaker, a transcript of your spoken words won’t work as an article, and vice versa. (Ever try to read a magazine article to your congregation? Brain overload!)

Before you rewrite, choose a target magazine—and analyze it. Most magazine websites have a “guidelines for writers” sections, but do your own homework first. Here’s what to do: Continue Reading…

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