Changed Lives – Love and Acceptance

ruth and Jorgeby Hugo Villalobos, Pastor of the Hermiston Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church

Ruth and Jorge are a beautiful elderly couple who had been attending our church for several months. They are so thrilled and blessed to have found this church. It all began when a member of our church went to work for them. He began to talk about his faith and soon they became friends. The couple were invited to attend to the next Sabbath morning service and they gladly accepted. Little by little they began to come without being formerly invited. They began to attend on a regular basis.

One of the reasons they still attend is because they love how our church “gives out hugs” to our guests and how we have demonstrated “love and acceptance” to them. They have been asking a lot of questions about certain doctrines and are very interested in our beliefs. Almost every Sabbath they are invited by someone for lunch and they make friends very easily. Their positive attitude and personality are very contagious.

I was going to be preaching an evangelistic series on the Holy Spirit. We began to promote it every Sabbath. We asked everyone to invite friends and family. I knew the couple only attended Sabbath morning. Because of their age, I had thought they wouldn’t be able to attend the whole week. But when they heard about the theme of the evangelistic meeting and its importance in our lives they began to show up during the week. Everyone was so glad to see them.

When the event was over Ruth and Jorge decided to prepare themselves to be part of our church in a near future. The Holy Spirit without a doubt has been working in their hearts.

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