Health & Temperance – Tired All the Time: Adrenal Fatigue

Portrait of a man trying to sleep in his bed

By Lynell LaMountain
Source: NAD Ministerial

Have trouble falling asleep at bedtime? Feel tired or groggy in the morning? Fatigued? If so, you might be suffering from adrenal dysfunction (great, one more dysfunction to add to the list).

A Popular Theory

We learned a new term back in 1998 that has become increasingly popular: Adrenal Fatigue, introduced by Dr. James L. Wilson. In theory, people can experience low adrenal function when exposed to chronic stress.

A Grim Reality/Illusion
Proponents of this theory claim that when we subject ourselves to extreme, ongoing stress we overwork our adrenal glands to the point of exhaustion, eventually leading to adrenal fatigue.

They say people with adrenal fatigue feel exhausted, and crave caffeine and sugary snacks to boost energy levels. They feel trapped in a Continue Reading…

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