Changed Lives – Midnight Duty

13151536_10154038303099892_142357336850734503_nby Danny Kim, Associate Pastor of the Adventist Community Church of Vancouver, WA

We have been having Bible studies for a few months now. A young couple dating for a while, trying to start a new life together. The Holy Spirit has been working on their hearts for a while, they both knew that God was leading their lives. They wanted to get their lives where God wanted them to be. She was eight months pregnant, he was going to be a father for the first time, but they both knew that not everything was right. They were living together, but without the holy union of Marriage. If they were going to start this new life together, they wanted to have their child as husband and wife.

We finally set a date for the wedding, it would be a small one. We would invite family and friends to church, and we would have a nice little ceremony. Everything was set for a Sabbath wedding, but then the baby had other plans. It was Friday evening, the day before the wedding, and I received a call from frantic soon to be father. “The water broke!”, they didn’t know when they would be leaving for the hospital. The contractions had started, and baby was on her way. “Pastor, can we get married right now?” That was his question. The soon to be father and mother, wanted to give the gift, to their unborn daughter, the future of a family. If a baby was born, they wanted her to come into the world as part of a family.

It was 10:30 in the evening, Sermon was done, sleep could wait. We gave them time to get dressed, and we called their best friends to be witnesses. It was going to be a midnight wedding. I gave them the option to choose which day they wanted to be married, since it was midnight. May 7th it was. Bride and Groom both looked delighted. They were married and they would soon be parents to a new baby girl.

Baby Elin was born on May 8th, a day after their marriage. This young couple has a full life ahead of them, with many joy and challenges, but they wanted to start their family together with a commitment to God. We will continue our Bible studies and our goal is to have them both baptized soon. God is good, and He changes lives every day. This is a wedding I will not soon forget, an emergency wedding, to follow a call from God.


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