Marriage Corner – The Importance of Male Leadership

Couple holding hands

by Jimmy Evans
Source: Marriage Today

When I counsel men and women who are having marriage problems, one of the most common complaints I hear from wives is about husbands who won’t take the lead in their relationship.

He won’t help with the children. He won’t take care of the money. He won’t lead them in prayer or in the things of God. She is upset that he refuses to be the leader she needs and wants him to be. On the other hand, the husband often resents the wife’s expectations of leadership.

Interestingly, men who will not lead are usually the very ones who begrudge their wives for taking on a leadership role-as though the wife is challenging his authority by doing the things he refuses to do!

Leadership is a touchy subject between men and women in today’s culture, so let’s take a careful look at it. I believe that, regardless of Continue Reading…

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