Momentum – Awakening in Quincy

quincyWe are so happy to see how the Lord is blessing the Quincy Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Group. We invited Miguel Yepez to help as a Bible Worker in the city of Quincy, WA. So, he started visiting people and giving Bible studies. In addition to that, his wife began an adventure club there. These events brought enthusiasm within the group. Consequently, the families gave their full support for the work of God in Quincy. We thank God for the unconditional support that the sisters Berta Velasquez and Irene Juarez with their families, are giving to the development of the work in Quincy.

As a result of our evangelistic campaign, one person was baptized. Then, we put a sign announcing that we hold meetings in Spanish. Interestingly enough, one couple saw the announcement, and them began to attend our meetings. Our Bible Worker immediately made arrangements to visit them and started Bible Studies with them.

Then, elder Jaime Flores held an evangelistic series and as a result, this couple was baptized. This couple praise God; their daughter, son, and relatives, came to see the baptismal ceremony. So, they praise the Lord, hence the good news came at the right time in their lives, when the grieve for the loss of two loved ones affected their lives. Now, they find rest in the blessed hope of the resurrection. Now, five more people are in preparation for baptism.

We want to express gratitude for the Anglo church of Quincy. Thanks to their support; our Spanish Group has a place to meet, to preach and to baptize people. May the Lord bless them!


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