Changed Lives – It’s Never Too Late to Come Back Home!

leanneby Jose Galvez, Pastor of the Silverton Seventh-day Adventist Church 

As a result of a recent two-week Bible seminar, conducted by Jose Galvez, Silverton Seventh-day Adventist Church pastor, two church attendees finally made their decisions to join the church. Ramon Fernandez-Mesa and LeAnne Kramer formally became part of our membership by joining by profession of faith.

LeAnne used to be a Seventh-day Adventist who led the church over 50 years ago. She attended many other churches until finally coming back the Silverton Seventh-day Adventist church where she felt right at home because of the love and acceptance that she received from many of the church members and friends.

Ramon was also a previous Seventh-day Adventist member. He went to spend time with family outside the country and after coming back, he realized that somehow his membership was dropped. He felt rejected and not wanted for a long time. That feeling left when he walked into the Silverton church where he felt that people cared and accepted him.

Instead of having the new members stand by the door at the conclusion of the service to be greeted by those leaving the sanctuary, Pastor Galvez invited the congregation to come up to them on the platform. What joy and closeness was felt by all as they mingled together as brothers and sisters in Christ.

May God grant us more of these blessed experiences.



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