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he-said-goHE SAID GO Missions Conference 2016: The purpose of this conference, to be held on Nov. 18-20 in San Diego, Calif., is to serve as a catalyst for missions, not only overseas, but also in domestic service. It is our prayer that our local church members become active in their communities and abroad. In order to accomplish this task, we are inviting medical professionals, our union and conference leaders, university/college presidents and their respective chaplains, along with their missions coordinators, to be part of this special gathering. We are also inviting youth directors, youth pastors, academy chaplains, and young adults. From Native American mission opportunities, including the Siberian Eskimos in northern Alaska, to Guam-Micronesia Mission territory, it is our prayer that everyone attending will choose to respond to the opportunities of service that God may present to them. Watch the video; and click here for more information.

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