Media & Adventist Benefits – Desmond Doss & Hacksaw Ridge

hacksaw-ridgeSo much information is going around about the new Mel Gibson film, Hacksaw Ridge, which tells the story of Seventh-day Adventist Desmond Doss. In case you missed it, below are just a few items regarding Doss and the film that may hold interest.

“Hacksaw Ridge” interview: Charles Knapp, retired U.S. Army colonel and chair of the Desmond Doss Council talks to Dan Weber about the new film “Hacksaw Ridge,” the council’s role in the film’s production, and what significant impact the telling of the Doss story might have on Adventists and the church. Read this interview by clicking MORE.

Be able to engage in conversation on new Desmond Doss film! “Hacksaw Ridge,” a film about Doss’s extraordinary faith and service during World War II, is not an Adventist movie. But it is likely to thrust Adventism into the spotlight worldwide. CLICK HERE for talking points, presented in the form of Q&A, that may help church members in North America be prepared for questions about Doss, and the Adventist Church. Members may also choose to direct individuals to this helpful website:

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