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pacific-pressby Dale Galusha, President of Pacific Press


How about junk mail?

Recently, the Adventist Review online carried an article by Andrew McChesney describing one person’s creative way to use Pocket Signs. The article is titled, Using Junk Mail to Share Jesus for Free! I’m not going to tell you about this person’s unusual idea (and it’s unique), but you can read all about it yourself by CLICKING HERE!

Ellen White saw the value of including tracts in letters:

  • “I have been shown that we were not doing our duty in the gratuitous circulation of small publications. There are many honest souls who might be brought to embrace the truth by this means alone. . . . When you write to a friend, you can enclose one or more without increasing postage”—Testimonies, vol. 1, pp. 551, 552.

Many people, including myself, keep a package of Pocket Signs by my desk at home and include them when I write letters and pay bills!

Ellen White goes on to say:

  • “When you meet persons in the cars [the train], on the boat, or in the stage, who seem to have an ear to hear, you can hand them a tract”Testimonies, vol. 1, pp. 551, 552.

It is amazing the number of opportunities you can find to share a tract! Over the past two decades since the first Pocket Signs was printed, millions have been distributed!

They are easy to use, and effective in their mission. And the cost is so low it’s almost like witnessing for free!

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