Changed Lives – Transformed in Him

3The Central Valley Spanish Church had of Evangelism series lead by the local pastor, Marco A Larumbe. This campaign started on Saturday, August 27 at the city of Toppenish, WA.

We had excellent church participation, through which we could experience Jesus’ power and become transformed in Him. From it we could also recover the value people give as they start knowing Jesus and their commitment towards the blessed hope.

We can specifically speak about two guests that attended the whole week, being; two young people, Pablo and Juan, both from México, who for years have come to the U.S. to work during the harvest season and then return to their country. Alejandro, a member of the Wapato Spanish Church and Uncle to one of young men, invited them to study the Bible. 2That is how they started studying the Word of God, and became more and more interested in the Bible truths, attending the campaign meetings called “Transformed in Jesus”. Little by little they started knowing how Jesus made His disciples for a greater purpose, and what He did with His transforming love in each of His followers.

As a result of the evangelism and lay members work, they both decided to continue attending the Wapato Spanish Church, committing more with God each day.

At the next district evangelistic campaign “Knowing How to Live” held at the Granger Spanish Church the two young boys gave their lives to Jesus through baptism, making their covenant for salvation and eternal life.

1The Wapato Spanish Church was pleased to receive them as Church members and brothers in Jesus Christ. And they continue praying along with the whole Central Valley District to continue working after the souls and committed with the transformation that is in Jesus Christ.

This experience enriches me as a pastor, enriches all the brethren, and encourages us to continue dealing with our Loving Savior’s business.

May God bless us, and let us continue being transformed in Jesus.

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