Why Not Try This? – Evangelism: Don’t Delete It, Redeem It

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by Pastor Jose Cortes Jr., is an Associate Ministerial Director and leads Evangelism, Church Planting, and Global Mission for the Adventist Church in North America
Source: NAD Ministerial

The other day a frustrated pastor called me crying and said, “my church board just voted another Evangelistic Meeting for this year, just like we did last year; $20,000.00 to pay mostly for flyers and a guest speaker to hold meetings for four weeks.” He added, “I already know the results; four weeks with a handful of people in attendance. They will complain because others are not attending every night.  The evangelist will be breathing down my neck for me to get him some baptisms. 5 people will be baptized, three of whom are church children, and two people from the community. The three we baptized last year are no longer here. There is so much to do in this city and the only thing two or three of our very powerful board members want to do is to mail out flyers and bring in someone to speak for four weeks, as if this is all there is to evangelism.”

As I travel across North America, I have asked the following questions among pastors, church leaders, and members: Continue Reading…

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