Momentum – Praying for Understanding

by Gerald Margil, Pastor of the Hispanic Group of Heyburn

Photo of a spanish language Holy Bible.Since the middle of 2014, I was invited as a part-time pastor to work with a group of Hispanic congregations in south-eastern Idaho that had never had an assigned pastor. One such congregation is Heyburn. Heyburn is a small community that has seen an outstanding economic awakening in the area which has translated into a growing community of Hispanic population in the sector.

However, that growth has not made any impact on the growth of the local Hispanic congregation.On the contrary, since it has been decreasing. From about 7 members in the middle of 2014, by the beginning of 2016 they would be only 3, attending regularly. It was thus, through prayer and conversation with one another, that we decided to launch a three-month evangelistic plan. The work has been hard, but the results have been worth it.

The surprising thing is that when we went out into the street and tried to contact people, we gradually realized that the people with whom we started studying the Bible confessed that they had been praying for someone to come and will help to understand these Biblical truths that they, today, listened to.

Such was the case with the family of Mrs. Faustina, who gladly accepted the Adventist message with all her family. She had been attending a Sunday church for many years. When reading the Bible on the Sabbath, she felt the need to know more, which she couldn’t do in her previous congregation. Nobody seemed interested or informed about the matter, until finally our brother Carlos contacted her and her husband, the first thing they did was to ask about what the Bible said about Saturday. As we study the truth more deeply, we have no doubt that God was calling them out of Babylon.

Perhaps another of the most remarkable miracles of this evangelistic campaign has been the impact on the members. Those who have seen God perform miracles by touching hearts. In addition, these same brothers have greatly benefited from the experience of accompanying me on visits and Bible studies. It has enabled them to establish themselves in the faith, and to know more deeply the doctrine of the apostolic message of the Adventist Church.

Today, things look different in the Hispanic group of Heyburn, since more worship the Lord every Saturday in the church, and there have been 7 baptisms in all. We give honor and glory to our great Lord and Savior, whom we also pray to continue to grow the community of believers in Heyburn, thus preparing a people ready to receive our Savior in the air, as well as helping others to be ready.

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