Changed Lives – Story of Two Families

Story of Bill and Jammie
captureOne day, Jammie received an invitation to attend Lee Venden’s “It’s All About Jesus Seminar” in 2012 at the Myrtle Creek Seventh-day Adventist Church. She did, and there discovered what was missing in her life. In November of 2015 Jammie began attending the Myrtle Creek church regularly. In March of 2016, she began studying the Bible with Cindy Schurch (the wife of Pastor Chester Schurch). When Cindy told Jammie about the Unlock Revelation Series that she and her husband would be conducting at the Myrtle Creek SDA church, Jammie decided to attend. It was there where she felt God impressing her that she needed to be baptized. But the story doesn’t end there.

Jammie’s husband, Bill, who works at a local lumber establishment and had been raised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, but had drifted away from God for 30, was watching Jammie’s spiritual growth. Deep inside, as he would be out in the woods each day, God was speaking to Bill that he needed to come back to God and His Church. When Jammie told Bill of her decision for baptism, imagine Jammie’s surprise when Bill stated, “I want to be baptized, too.” They celebrated their baptism together on November 19, 2016, as their family and friends in the Myrtle Creek Church looked on. What a blessing and inspiration it was to see them commit their lives to God.

Story of Two Brothers, Ryan and Jaden
brothersRyan and Jaden are two brothers ages 17 and 20. They were raised in a good Seventh-day Adventist Christian home where their parents provided every opportunity for them to know and love Jesus. Both Ryan and Jaden had the privilege of attending Seventh-day Adventist Schools growing up. Each time they had been invited to be baptized they didn’t feel that it was the right time, so neither had taken that step.

When they heard that the Unlock Revelation series was to be held in the Myrtle Creek Church, they decided to come, and to bring their younger brother to the children’s meetings as well. One night, early in the meetings, Pastor Schurch was giving an appeal at the end of a presentation, but he noticed on this particular decision card there was no entry which invited the people to be baptized. Pastor Schurch felt the impression of the Holy Spirit to invite those in attendance to write down on their card if they would like the experience of baptism.

That evening, God spoke to both Jaden and Ryan, who separately signed that they would like to be baptized. On November 19, with family and friends, and proud parents in attendance, the Myrtle Creek Church witnessed their baptism and all felt the joy of seeing young people make a full commitment to Jesus.

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