Lifelong Learning – Letter To Those No Longer Attending

by Rich DuBose
Source: NAD Ministerial

Every pastor has wondered how to rekindle fervor in the hearts of members who have “fallen away” or stopped attending. Many churches periodically send out letters to those who are on “vacation” from church, reminding them that they are missed, or more bluntly, asking them if they still wish to be members. Many call them “Missing Members.” Some churches have probably found ways to communicate this that are sensitive and caring. But really, what is our goal? Is it to clean up the church books? Or, is to spiritually connect with those who are no longer with us. If they are truly “Missing” we don’t know where they are, so how can we even send them a letter? What about those who are missing “spiritually?” What if you had a letter you could send to all of your members to remind them of their church’s purpose and mission, and to inspire them to be actively involved? Here’s a letter that might help. Read More


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