Momentum – Planning Opportunities

by Terrance Taylor, Pastor of Pasco Ephesus Adventist Church


Man using scissors to remove the word can't to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivationPlanning Opportunities rather than Events
This series taught me the it is important to design evangelistic events in a way that our own members feel excited to invite people to. They need to be opportunities for our member to feel that the messages are just as much for them as for others. Each series is an opportunity for people to see what the church is like every week rather than a special production that leaves town as soon as everything is over.

Transformation over Information
The goal of each message should be to help people see transformation in their lives, immediately. What can I say that they can put into practice right away and see results? In this Google generation, the last thing people need is information they feel they can find on their own.

Traditional Evangelistic Methods Works
I know there is a huge debate about using handbills, but in this case they worked, but there is a caveat. They work great within the context of a relationship. We’ve worked hard to establish a relationship with our local community and extended community through our members’ families so they know at least who we are or how to find out who we are. We held several events before this event so we knew that we had their best interests in mind.

Media-yours have a huge appetite
We tried to make it impossible to miss what we were doing. Almost the entire budget we spent was on video, audio, graphic design, and visual presentations. For some of the meetings, we even created a live option for people to have an online experience. The more people see or listen to on their own time the better.

There is a new lady in our church who began attending the meetings. Her daughter, son-in-law, and their three children started attending right before she did. No one in the family were serious church-goers so their attendance has been inconsistent. One meeting the mom came and her daughter and son-in-law came, and they were both surprised that the other was there.

The look of shock and joy on their faces was priceless. Seeing Christ work in their lives both Individually and collectively is an irresistible call for faithfulness and grit in sharing the gospel not mater what it takes.

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