Momentum – Unlocking Prophecy

by John Miller, Pastor of the Winlock Seventh-day Adventist Church

As I sat in my very first board meeting as the new pastor of the Winlock Seventh-day Adventist Church, I was excited to hear that my members wanted to do evangelism. I had always hoped and prayed that I would be blessed with a church that was passionate about sharing their faith. And so we started planning and praying.

My church held a 19-part series of meetings entitled Unlocking Prophecy. It was my first full series as a new pastor in the Washington Conference. We advertised via the Newspaper, Facebook, and handbills. We fasted and prayed for ten days and then showed up on the opening night with great hopes. Our church was super supportive through the entirety of the series and they seemed to be as excited as I was.

There is a certain amount of trepidation and at the same time exhilaration that comes with the vulnerability of exposing truth to those who have never heard it. Yet we underestimate the power of God’s word in its simplicity. Truth is not abstract or inconceivable; in its plainness it brings light and freedom to those who will accept it.

We had fifteen guests show up to our small church on opening night and as topic after topic was presented it was clear that 8 of them were very interested and committed to learning as much as they could.

It’s an exciting thing to see the power of the Holy Spirit enlightening minds long held captive in darkness and confusion. After my sermon of the Sabbath, one lady posted on our Facebook page: ‘Tonight was amazing… I have wondered about this subject my whole Christian life…now I know…looking forward to Tuesday night.” Lisa and her husband Doug continued attending the meetings and are now coming to our church regularly. Our new friends from the prophecy series seem to be enjoying the fellowship at our church and especially the new believers Sabbath School class on Revelation.

This series was an exciting time of growth for myself and my church family and we all came away encouraged by the fact that evangelism is worth the effort. We have faith that the seeds sown will spring forth to maturity as we are promised in Isaiah 55:11 that “God’s word will not return unto Him void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

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