Changed Lives – Faithful in Sharing Jesus

by Nicholas Jones, Pastor of the Sandy Seventh-day Adventist Church

Ten days before receiving the flier in the mail, Marcus had just started reading his Bible. He had finally hit rock bottom and was turning his life over to Jesus. Never before had he read the Bible, so he bought a ‘Read the Bible in a Year’ version. When his mother handed him the flier for the series “Questions I’d Like to Ask God” put on by the Sandy Seventh-day Adventist Church, he felt a strong sense that he should go.

After the first night he realized this church had what he was looking for and now he is currently studying, along with another attendee, toward baptism.

The Sandy Seventh-day Adventist Church completed an evangelistic series that consisted of 13 presentations dedicated to different questions people ask God and two follow-up meetings which delved more into health and the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

We wanted to try a different approach than the traditional Daniel and Revelation seminar,” said Nick Jones, pastor of the Sandy Church. Each meeting consisted of a presentation of 25-30 minutes and small group discussion for 15 minutes afterward. Church members and guests alike enjoyed the opportunity to create friendships and discuss the challenging questions each evening.

Child evangelism was available each evening as the church wanted the children who attended to be exposed to the same topic their parents were discussing each evening. Amy Quinn and Melissa Leslie coordinated a program with crafts, activities, and songs based upon the presentations which Pastor Nick provided.

Each guest had an opportunity to receive a complimentary copy of several books. For attending any three meetings, a guest would receive Steps to Christ. After attending any five meetings, a guest would receive The Desire of Ages. When attending any ten meetings The Andrews Study Bible was given.

When Marcus received his Bible, the joy on his face was contagious. He finally had a Bible of his own and could look up texts studied each evening. Seeing his joy upon receiving the Bible was a reminder to all involved of the importance of evangelism and the reason we are faithful in sharing Jesus.

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