Changed Lives – Baptism in Frigid Waters

by John Rengifo, pastor Shady Point Seventh-day Adventist Church

Mike asked if he could be baptized in the nearby Rogue River. Though I expected the temperatures to be cold on that November 5th day and knew the temperature of the river would be frigid, I told him we would be happy to do it!

Mike was baptized at the conclusion of the Unlock Revelation Seminar held at the Shady Point Church Fellowship Hall in front of his new church family and soon-to-be fiancé on Sabbath afternoon, November 5. It was a joyous day. Many members had come to know Mike when he began attending church sometime in the summer. He had a secular upbringing and no real spiritual influence until he moved to Oregon from Illinois. Working and living on his own, he met Genesis, who later would become his girlfriend. She began to share her faith with him and sparked his interest in the Bible. Mike began to study the Bible and attend church. He began taking Bible studies and said that the things he was learning was making sense.

He reached a point of searching the prophecies of Scripture, particularly the books of Daniel and Revelation. When we announced the upcoming Unlock Revelation Seminar to be held at our church, Mike expressed a desire to come and come he did. In the midst of the series, Mike’s confidence grew in the Word of God and was intrigued by the congruency of history and Bible prophecy. He made his decision to follow Jesus and be baptized. At that point, his girlfriend, Genesis, was back from Andrews University where she graduated from the School of Aviation. She attended about 10 nights of the meetings with him, and was there when we announced his baptism.

On the last day of the meetings, a Sabbath morning, the whole church was invited to join in celebrating Mike’s new life in Christ. There was nothing exuberant he’ll claim about his conversion. He was simply a young man who opened the door of his heart to examine the Bible and came to discover a loving God who created him and has a plan for his life. Mike has found a place in the church today as he helps with the audio system at church—something he began doing even while attending the Unlock Revelation Series.

We believe God is raising up young people, pulling them from all backgrounds and revealing Himself to them and preparing them to take the gospel message to the world.

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