Media & Adventist Benefits – NAD Facebook Live Event

by Kimberly Luste Maran

Adventist college and university student leaders asked questions on a wide range of topics during the first Facebook Live Event titled “Is This Thing On?” (ITTO) on March 14. The almost two-hour Q&A session with Dan Jackson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America (NAD), and Alex Bryant, executive secretary, was held on the campus of Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The studio audience was comprised of Union students and Adventist Intercollegiate Association (AIA) student leaders from across the division, who were on campus the evening before the start of the 2017 AIA convention.

Students at the event, along with young adults on social media, asked questions on many subjects, including race relations in the church, enrollment in Adventist schools, LGBT+ student issues, and women’s ordination.

“What I appreciated most about this event was how thoughtfully and purposefully it was put together to make sure as many people as possible could have their questions answered,” said Nicqelle Godfrey, La Sierra Univeristy Student Association president and AIA participant. “It was very clear that no question was treated as insignificant, which showed us how much the church earnestly wanted to converse with us all.”

Just a few hours after the event aired, Facebook reports indicated that the video received 23,000 views, almost 400 shares, and 1,300 posted comments, which included Continue Reading…

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