Changed Lives – Omar

by Hugo Villalobos , Pastor of the Hermiston Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church

One of our church members began his career as an entrepreneur a few years ago. One of his job descriptions consists of coaching and mentoring members in his business. Last winter we had an international coach come and teach the Hispanic community financial management skills. This was a total success. We had over 40 guests that signed up for follow up Bible studies. Our entrepreneur brother invited a big group from his business.

One of them was Omar, a young man from a small town about 30 minutes away from our church. He didn’t miss a night. He was eager to start his journey knowing more about the God who is the owner of all the riches in the world. We began to study with him using a Bible study packet called “truthlink“. After we finished our first lesson we decided to continue studying on a weekly basis. He called me the next week saying, “Pastor I’m already half way through the packet!” Without a doubt we had seen that the seed of the gospel had fallen onto good soil. He has been attending Sabbath school classes, church programs, outreach events, ever since.

We have just concluded a series on the book “A purpose Driven Life”. We have prayed for 40 days for a big harvest in our church. Our whole church has also prayed for Omar. At the end of this month Omar will be getting baptized with other friends that have accepted Jesus.

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