Momentum – Evangelism Experience at STAF

by Benjamin Orian, Pastor of the  South Tacoma Adventist Fellowship

I’d like to share three testimonies from my recent meetings at STAF (S. Tacoma Adventist Fellowship):

1) The first is a response from a long-time Adventist and member of the STAF Church. Before the meetings ever began she told me she would come and support, but that these meetings were all the same. Half-way through the meetings she came back to me and told me how much she was enjoying the meetings and how much she was learning. She continued by telling me what a blessing it was to re-study Daniel and Revelation and that she looked forward to each presentation.

To me, this is a reminder of two things: first, the Bible is the “LIVING” Word of God. We can come to it over and over and it will teach us something new. We will never, in this life, exhaust our understanding of it. Secondly, it’s good for members to revisit the beauty of the prophecies. They show us Jesus and can re-kindle our passion for Him—as evidenced in this member’s life.

2) This is a story in progress, but it involves one of our visitors to the meetings: Peter came opening night and to each meeting of the opening weekend and seemed interested, But then, the second weekend of meetings, Peter wasn’t there. After he missed the second night of the second weekened of meetings, I reached out to him by phone but couldn’t get a hold of him. But then, the third night of the second weekend, he was back. He had been out camping with his Boy Scout Troop. He came back just as hungry as before. As I visited with him I found out he had been around to a number of churches looking for “TRUTH.” Most recently, he’s been attending a Mormon Church, As we talked, he asked me if I believed things happened by accident. I asked what he meant by that, and he said, “I believe I’m here for a reason, I believe God is answering my prayers and brought me to your studies.”

When I invited him to church, he was there, three weeks in a row, before missing a Sabbath. Peter is a work and prayer in progress. I am visiting with him and continuing to study with him. Though he isn’t yet ready for baptism, it is my prayer and belief he will be ready very soon.


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