Resources – Creation Study Center and Faith, Reason & Earth History

1st and 2nd Graders from Journey Christian School made up the first field trip to the Creation Study Center.

The Creation Study Center exists to provide creation resources; coordinate study programs; plan field trips for pastors, teachers and students; present weekend creation seminars at Northwest churches; and visit academies and elementary schools for science presentations and weeks of prayer.

“Science,” in fact, means “knowledge.” It is this pursuit for knowledge in our physical world and through the scriptures that is so exciting. You’ll discover facts and see sights that confirm truths laid out in the pages of Genesis.

The Creation Study Center is designed for hands-on learning experiences. Explore, dig and touch your way through fossils, minerals, animal furs and more.

To schedule a visit for your church or school group, call email or call 360-857-7037. Click here to see a virtual tour of the Creation Study Center.


Faith, Reason, and Earth History is a new book designed to be a high school or college textbook, although it can just as easily be used by someone wanting to understand more about the way science is approached by creationists looking at the world in light of Genesis. The book starts out explaining what science is.  It then looks at the history of science and introduces basic concepts in the philosophy of science that emerged in the 20th-century. To download a free copy of the book or to learn more click here.


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